Antique Wicker Chaise Lounge

Finding the Antique Wicker Chaise Lounge

The antique wicker chaise lounge has been collector’s item for those that love to collect antique furniture. For some of us may think that certain items have no value. However, for these men, certain items, or more commonly referred to as antique has its own value.

An antique wicker chaise lounge is more beautiful if it is polished and neatly arranged, its presence in an area give a distinct impact to the area decor. It is not easy to find an old chaise lounge that is still function and look beautiful. You have to scout around to find the best long chair. The difficulties in obtaining antique furniture is one of the challenges of antique collectors, but when you managed to get it, the satisfaction will be great and hard to express.

Obviously, the decades-old furniture then this could be the pride and investment for the owner. Especially if the furniture is well cared for, it will certainly look more beautiful and durable. Naturally, if when you find the antique chaise lounges, there are few defects or damage to the furniture, so take it to craftsmen to repair it and re-colored if necessary and ready for re-use.

Hunting for Antique Wicker Chaise Lounge

The antique lounge chair has always been a target for hunting by old furniture collector due to the design, color, function and value. Therefore, an antique store or auction house has always been a target of collectors. However, find antique wicker chaise lounge that suits your wants and needs in a store is not as easy as you imagined. Sometime you got the long chair that you want, but it may not fit well to be placed in your room. There is another aspect that you need to do that is the maintenance of the antique furniture. As antique furniture, it must be well maintained to ensure that the furniture will last longer in your possession.

Maintaining Antique Wicker Chaise Lounge

Environmental influences such as weather changes, humidity, dust, etc. which will cause the antique wicker chaise lounge to become dull as if losing it aura. There are many ways to maintain the long chair to remains good. Here is some of the tip:
Suck or Blow – To remove dust; use a brush, vacuum cleaner or a small compressor. Avoid the wiping with cloth. The use of cloth often results in scratches on the surface of the furniture. Perform periodic cleaning of dust.

Buy a layer of wax – After all the dust has been clean, spray coating or liquid wax for furniture. The wax can be purchased at any hardware store or supermarket. There are many brands on offer. Flatten the liquid that has been sprayed with a dry cloth preferably cotton.

Wait a few minutes. After that, wipe with another dry cotton cloth. You will see for yourself the results. The antique wicker chaise lounge is clean and shining. Layer of wax will protect the surface from dust and scratches immediately. Perform routine maintenance once a week. For daily cleaning just use the feather duster to get rid the dust.

It is better for you to place the antique wicker chaise lounge indoor rather outdoor because the color of the antique wicker chaise lounge will be damage if expose to direct sunlight for a long period of time. You can use the long chair outdoor, but you must take it into the house after using it. It is important to ensure that you always handle with care your antique wicker chaise lounge.

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